Storycorps link – and some thoughts about life as an accountant

Hi everyone – For me, accounting was something I fell into after college, not my life’s goal.  I was great at math, and didn’t really know what else to do.  It was 1983 when I finished college and moved home to a grey and sleepy Seattle.  I grew up there  watching Monty Python sketches where the Chartered Accountant wanted to be a lion tamer, do you know that sketch?  It spelled out the sort of shame of being an accountant, so boring.  Growing up in Seattle I got the message that I should be a writer, an artist, a musician, but those things did not come easily.  Instead I picked a stable career  in a creative industry, and for years that felt like it wasn’t enough.  Those years have gone by and I’m very happy in what I’m doing now though, I love this specific specialty in accounting.  I could not be happier with my employees and my clients, what a fun, caring, interesting and smart group of people.  Also I appreciate that I keep a roof over our heads, and I can send my kids to college without too much help from my mom…BUT!  I always keep an eye out for another career someday, maybe as a writer, or peer counselor, or something less “left-brain.”   Today I listened to Storycorps on NPR and it really made me laugh and appreciate life and it’s opportunities, challenges, responsibilities.  There is life after accounting –  give it a listen if you can:

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