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Feature in Early Development needs budget

Hi – it’s Emily – a good friend of mine is developing a period drama feature written for  Spain that will likely shoot in Hungary and Spain.

In the 20m range, I’m guessing.  She has written the script and is starting to shop it around, she wants to produce – she’s very capable of getting this project made.

Anyone have a feature budget that they’d be willing to tweak to fit such a thing for a very small fee?  Hard to shop a feature if you don’t have the budget in place, at least a ballpark.

Knowledge of the European tax credit system really helpful.

Email me if interested or can help:


Production Accountant needed for feature (Tangier, Morocco)

Looking for adventure?

Production Accountant needed for $10M Feature shooting in Tangier. Prep starts April 4 for 1 week from home, then travels -8 weeks prep, 6-7 weeks shoot + wrap. We are only bringing the accountant-as there will be an Italian accountant who has worked in Morocco to supervise local spending. Majority of the payroll will be going thru the Morocco production services company. Approximately 10 employees (SAG, DGA) will be paid through ENtertainment partners. Approx 25 employees will be paid thru Sargent Disc UK. International experience and tax credit experience a must.

International residence OK – as this is a non-IATSE shoot

UPM can discuss further details over phone/Skype. Please email resume and cover letter to